Driven to My Knees

July & August 2012

Driven To My Knees

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I have been driven many times upon my

knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go.

My own wisdom and that of all about me insufficient for that day.”

That has resonated with me personally as of late. Not because things

are difficult, but rather because they are busy and overwhelming. So

much is going on at ServLife, and I find myself struggling to keep up.

There is always more to be done, and I am easily overwhelmed these

days. I am driven to my knees.

In this newsletter we want to give you a quick snapshot of all that is

going on so that you are in the loop and can pray and support what

God is doing. If you have any questions about any of this, always feel

free to contact me personally at Thank you for

your prayers and support.

Adam Nevins2
Adam Nevins
Executive Director


In both India and Nepal school is underway

and the children are doing great and have

already completed their first term exams.

Your sponsorships make their education

possible, and about 50 children still need

sponsored. If you are not yet a sponsor,

please consider donating $30/mo and caring

for a child today: Sponsor here.

India recently celebrated their Independence

Day and the children gathered for a special

morning ceremony led by Director Albert Das.

Children celebrating India's Independence Day

India Children’s Home

The first floor of the children’s home in India is almost completed and

should be ready for the kids to move in before the end of the year. Pray

that it is completed soon and the $40,000 necessary to finish gets fully

funded. Donate today to support this work.

Children's Home Being Constructed

College Sponsorship

The son of India Director Albert Das, Paul Das, has been attending

college in California and is now entering his second year. God is working

in Paul’s life and giving him an education beyond what he is doing formally

in college. Paul is growing in his intimacy with Christ, and was baptized

in June of this year!

We are trying to fund Paul’s second year of college and need your help.

Read more here and help us support this family that has given so much

to the service of God’s Kingdom. We can be a part of helping to launch this

young man on to great things as God continues to shape and mold his heart

and mind.

Paul Das

Pastors Training

11 men and 2 women from all over Nepal have gathered in Kathmandu for

this year’s Pastor Training School. Director Lazarus Thulung describes

them as “very mature and growing in their passion for ministry. We are

busy in teaching and modeling them in their personal life.”

The India Pastor Training School has also started with 8 students. Please

pray for these students, that God would equip them for the ministry He has

called them to.

2012 Nepal Class

The Office

Adam and Rachel have been very busy in the office working on a variety of

projects, including a brand refresh and new website that will roll out before

the end of the year. Adam has been traveling to California and Texas recently,

visiting with donors and churches. If you would like to personally meet with

Adam or have him share with your church, please contact

to schedule.

Go! with ServLife and make disciples

in this world of need…

+ Contact us to learn more about short-term and volunteer opportunities.

+  Help us train and send a church planter to the frontiers of the gospel. Make a

one-time gift or give on a monthly basis.

+   Make a difference in the life of a child. Give hope.  Become a ServLife

child sponsor.

+   Serve the poor through micro-lending.  Give to the Hope Fund

Thank you for letting us share what is happening

in the world through ServLife . . .

together with you!

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