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What could a pastor, a lawyer, two farmers, and an 8th grader have in common? Each of their lives have been changed in one way or another by ServLife’s work in Nepal. Meet Pastor Ratna, Mary Davis, Narayan, Padam, and Sanu. They are a part of a global community shining the light and love of Jesus.

When Ratna came to know Jesus he quickly began sharing his new found hope with people in his village of Thingan. As a result, many of them came to know Jesus as well, but they didn’t have a church. Ratna took a leap of faith by stepping forward to lead the emerging congregation despite not knowing knowing much about Christianity. Soon Ratna was able to partner with ServLife to gain valuable pastor training and his church continues to grow.

In the same village, a micro finance program was started to help start small businesses and fight poverty in the area. Narayan and Padam were two of the people the microfinance program first reached. Narayan was able to get a loan to buy two buffalos and created a thriving business. His loan has been paid off and his family is thriving. Padam is a ginger farmer in the same village. With his micro loan he was able to expand his work to a larger scale. In a short amount of time they have started to see a return on their investment. Small business loans have empowered hardworking people and given them the tools they needed to upgrade their status.

Almost 30 miles north of Thingan in Kathmandu, Sanu is going to school for the first time. Her family moved to the big city to find stable employment, but they were very poor. When ServLife’s Children’s Ministry Director Udaya met her family, he saw what great need they were in. Neither Sanu nor her sister were able to go to school, so he offered both girls an educational scholarship. Now Sanu is in 8th grade and excelling in school. She especially loves math and one day hopes to become a social worker. Sanu’s family is grateful for ServLife’s education scholarship and has hope for their daughters’ futures

The embodiment of global community is found in Mary Davis. She was a lawyer in Ohio who heard about ServLife’s work in Nepal through her church. She was so moved by the microfinance program that she began raising money and traveling to Nepal to bring that program to the village of Thingan. Before her sudden death in 2014, she made lasting relationships with villagers and our ministry partners in Nepal. She leaves behind a legacy of compassion and service. The ripples of Mary’s life are still felt around the world. She lived boldly, humbly and with boundless compassion. May we each have the courage to be like Mary.

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