Determination for Education

In rural Nepal, income has a large impact on access to formal education. Without a great deal of sacrifice, determination, and financial success most people in small villages end up undereducated and relying completely on agriculture for their livelihood. 

Sanjeeta comes from a Nepali family that has known both financial stability, and the ruin that comes from wealth mismanagement and a lack of education. While living, her grandfather had sufficient land for agriculture and provided for his family well through subsistence farming. When he passed, Sanjeeta’s parents took over and sold most of the land, leaving them nearly destitute. Being marginalized in such a way has given Sanjeeta’s parents an enormous determination to see her educated.

When their land was sold off, Sanjeeta’s parents weren’t sure how they would survive. Her father started a pig farm so that he could provide for his family without having to travel for income. Although he is committed to hard work, Sanjeeta’s father is unable to afford quality schooling for Sanjeeta and her two siblings without help. Through a sponsorship from ServLife, Sanjeeta is able to continue living with her family and attend school to receive a quality education.

Sanjeeta is 13 years old and in grade 7, and she loves studying Science and English at school. She is so glad to be able to come home each night and spend time with her parents and siblings. Although she is quiet and somewhat shy, she’s been able to expand her knowledge and education. Sanjeeta’s future is being changed by the commitment and generosity of a ServLife sponsor.

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