Daya Girls Home Opens with two Girls to Help Care for Girls in West Nepal

We are excited to announce the opening of Daya Girls Home in western Nepal.  The first two girls have arrived

In Partnership with AS Nepal (ServLife’s registered NGO in Nepal working with children) Daya Girls Home is being started in western Nepal. The vision for the home is out of the heart of Udaya and his wife, Bhakti who have a deep compassion for the children of Nepal.  The conversation to begin this home has been going on for over five years.

Paul  and Sanum Chaudre will run the home with their two own children.

The vision of the home is to grow to 10 girls.   The children are all from some of the poorest districts (Jumla, Humla, Mugu, Dailekh, Accham) in the poorest section of Nepal, the hills and mountains of Nepal’s northwest. This area has annual food shortages (USAID and UN food drops are regular) and commonly experience outbreaks of preventable but rapid moving illnesses such as diarrhea. The girls are currently cared for by neighbors or distant relatives.

Udaya says, “Our vision to start a home for girls in the western part of Nepal that is often neglected is finally becoming a reality thanks to the support of ServLife International and friends.  I wanted to name the home Daya that means “compassion” in the Nepali language.  Please pray for us.”

Paul and Sannum will be instrumental in creating a loving environment and sharing God’s love and mercy with each precious daughter of God.

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