Dangerous Faith Becomes a Resource for Vision Trip Groups

Joel Vestal’s book Dangerous Faith has been read all over the world. But one unique use of the book is as a devotional resource during overseas vision/mission trips. Many churches have used the book to help prepare and equip volunteers going overseas. Recently Dustin Jones and a team of others traveled to India to visit ServLife’s projects, toting Dangerous Faith in hand. The participants challenged each other with discussion questions from the book, covering issues of social injustice, mission work, global poverty, and compassion.

“Reading Dangerous Faith together was a great tool to help our group discover and wrestle with the challenges of mission and social justice,” Dustin  recalls. “The discussions prompted by the book brought about unity in an unfamiliar group with varying life experiences. It quickly exposed the uncertainties and discomforts of being removed from our normal lifestyles and forced us to trust God daily. This vulnerability created an environment that allowed us to comfort and encourage one another.”

After reading Chapter Eight, “A God of Justice,” trip participant Carrie Lynn challenged the group, “Have you experienced a country where people did not have access to clean water or good medicines? How did this make you feel? What did it make you want to do?” Every day in India the group was faced with questions posed with words and without, as they confronted poverty and injustice firsthand.

“To hear that God was at work in these foreign lands long before I arrived gave me strength to join in,” Dustin says, “It was at the same time humbling and empowering to know that God did not need me, but desired me to be a part of what he is already doing.” Dustin calls Joel’s accounts of serving the Church worldwide energizing and motivating, and hopes that others will be encouraged to use the book as study resource while confronting injustice worldwide.

Contact us about having Joel Vestal come to your group to speak about the book and do a book signing event.

(Posted: May 20, 2009)

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