Continuing Change

A guest blog from ServLife HOPE Fund Director Sam Lemmons about his and his wife’s work with ServLife’s micro-finance program.

The HOPE Fund micro-finance program had its start in Nepal six years ago in a remote village in East Nepal. I just returned from my first trip there and I was truly blessed to see what God has accomplished through the ServLife church planter and through the HOPE Fund.

This fund started with $1,800, and with this small amount, 46 loans have been given over the last six years. I was able to interview some who had just received loans as well as others who had been some of the first to receive loans.IMG_8535

Our first interview was with Bhim, who received his first loan in 2008. He used the loan to start a furniture making business including acquiring training and equipment. Before the HOPE Fund, he had no land of his own, no way to start any type of business for himself, and no collateral to get a conventional loan. His family had no money and they were struggling to even survive. Bhim is now proud to be a landowner, has built his family a nice house and has sent his children to school. He even sends money every month to his daughter who is in medical school. He has a thriving business and is truly one of the best examples of what we want to accomplish through the HOPE Fund: fighting poverty by empowering individuals to create wealth to change their family’s status and to feed and educate their children.IMG_8748.1 Bhim’s situation has completely changed and he completely believes in Jesus!

Pastor Bhakta (left) has done an amazing job in this village, changing lives through Christ’s love as well as through the numerous micro-loans that have allowed hundreds of people to come out of extreme poverty. They are now living transformed lives that include kids being fed and sent to school. Those who had no land now are landowners and thriving in their community.

Having seen the results of loans that were given out six years ago, the fruits speak for themselves. I feel so privileged to have seen what has been accomplished, and know that even years after I depart Nepal, the HOPE Fund program we have shaped will continue to change countless lives. Praise be to God for his grace and love he has for all of the peoples of this world.

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