Adam_HS_largeIn Matthew 20 Jesus says whoever wants to be great in His Kingdom must be a servant to all. Even the King of kings didn’t come to be served, but to serve others. Jesus doesn’t condemn the pursuit of greatness, but rather points out the upside down nature of greatness and that pursuit in God’s Kingdom. Immediately after saying this, Jesus serves two blind men by healing them. His motivation is in the last verse, “Jesus had compassion on them.” We should pursue greatness through service, not for fame but driven by compassion.

You are leading the way in compassion and service as you support pastors, children and families on the other side of the world. Your prayers and donations are spreading the good news of Jesus, rescuing orphans and empowering families in extreme poverty through small business loans. All donations this month are matched up to $100,000, doubling your donation and impact. Thank you for making this work possible and for making an exponential impact in the lives of those in need.

May God grant us compassion to motivate us to service and sacrifice to show love to others as the greatest act we can possibly do.

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