Clinic For Christ

7921 Kamal Josheph RaiPastor Joseph in Nepal has discovered a unique way to love his community through his ministry. Two years ago, shortly after planting his church in far eastern Nepal, Pastor Joseph and a fellow Christian man were sharing the gospel and distributing booklets when a woman confronted them with an unusual request. She asked them if they had any fever medicine. Someone in her family was sick and there was no pharmacy or doctor nearby.

Pastor Joseph and his friend were surprised but agreed to come back the next day and bring some medicine. They went to a pharmacy and bought packs of fever relief medicine for a few dollars. They went back to the remote village and distributed the medicine along with the gospel booklets. The Village community was suddenly much more receptive to what Pastor Joseph had to say. They asked him to come back again. The Lord had showed him a way to spread the Word through caring for the community.

“It’s hard to share gospel with people at our first meeting,” Pastor Joseph says. “In the countryside most of the people are traditional, conservative and ritualistic Hindus. So we have to be very conscientious about how we share the gospel. But praise the Lord, we have been able to spread gospel through a small pharmacy which we started almost a year ago.”

Pastor Joseph immediately began planning to open a small clinic to serve the community’s basic health needs and provide medicines that would otherwise be unavailable. Pastor Joseph undertook some health training and now offers basic checkups at the “Healthy Family Clinic and Fellowship.”

“Initially villagers used to blame us for religious conversion. They had a negative attitude towards us and sometimes threatened or treated us badly. But nowadays wherever we go most of the people respect us and welcome us into their homes,” Pastor Joseph shares. “Now they have understood that what we are doing is truly God’s love we are sharing with them. Many have changed their thinking toward us and are slowly coming to Christ.”

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