Children at Kid’s Games Compassion Day Respond with Letters and Crafts to Orphans


ServLife Staff Members April Grabbe and Steve Hurry spoke at a Kid’s Games Compassion Day event, held at Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN, earlier this month. Through videos and pictures, the children were exposed to the work of ServLife and were able to see and ask questions about children just like them, living on the other side of the world. The children then had the opportunity to respond directly by making crafts and writing letters to the children they were asking and learning about.

“It was so great to have the opportunity to speak to the kids about the work of ServLife. I was astounded and encouraged at the level of interest and compassion they had for the kids in our children’s homes,” said Grabbe, head of ServLife’s sponsorship program.

“They were so excited to be able to write to our sponsorship children and send pictures of themselves in the picture frames they made. They did their best artwork, making their picture frames colorful and beautiful, and they wrote in their best handwriting so the children would have an easier time reading the letters.”

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