Building for Eternal Impact in the Impoverished State of Bihar & Throughout India


The ServLife India Ministry Campus is a place of promise and possibility. And every day we are getting closer to the completion of this amazing center. The new ministry campus will expand the work that ServLife is already accomplishing in Bihar state and throughout India – training church planters and mission workers, caring for orphans and at-risk children, and providing educational opportunities for children in the impoverished community of Bihar, India.

The Children’s Home is a three-story facility that is designed for 100 children and ten caregivers. The Family and Guest Residence is a three-story home designed to accommodate the local staff and families. It will also have two guest dorms, each for ten people (with attached toilets), two guest rooms for couples or families, and a common room with a kitchen.

With the complex making progress every day, it is just a matter of time before this beautiful center will be in full operation. If you would like to donate to the building project, click here. Please keep this powerful undertaking in your prayers.

Our desire is to see transformation happen for generations to come and this project is a means towards that end.

(Posted: July 20, 2009)

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