Breaking Chains of Poverty in West Nepal through Education Scholarships


In Nepal, some 260,000 Nepalese children are engaged in child labor and fifty-six percent of these children suffer from various forms of malnutrition. Illiteracy is running rampid among these children living in remote communities of Nepal and they do not have access to education systems, adequate water supplies or health care.

ServLife is interceding and making an impact in these remote communities to help break the chains of poverty that have held families living in these regions in West Nepal in economic bondage for generations. Working directly with community leaders and the local church throughout West Nepal, ServLife is providing seeds of hope to children in these communities through the form of education scholarships, which are funded through ServLife’s Children Sponsorship program.

Santosh, one of the fortunate ones to have access to education through the help of ServLife, belongs to a Hindu family in Kailali, West Nepal. His story, like so many other children in this region, is a tragic one, that has been plagued by abandonment and hopelessness. After Santosh was born, his father went To India to find work and never returned. Santosh’s mother was deeply upset about her missing husband and was no longer mentally able to care of Santosh and his sister. She left the children in the care of their uncle and they are now responsible for working for their uncle looking after his cows and goats. Santosh has been unable to go to school until now because their uncle has not had enough money to send him. With the help of ServLife, the opportunity for an education is now a reality.

Santosh is still in need of sponsorship and for $30/month, you can directly empower him and impact his life. Will you consider sponsoring him today?

Read more about ServLife’s work and involvement in West Nepal:

(Posted: May 3, 2009)

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