Brackets For Good

View More: For Good is a a single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournament where 1$ = 1 Point. ServLife has been selected out of a pool of 280 applicants to participate in Brackets For Good, and we’re so excited! But we need your help to make it all the way to the final round and $10,000 grand prize. Luckily, all the teams get to keep whatever they fundraise in each round, so everybody wins!

The tournament starts at 8:00pm Friday, February 26. Each round lasts a week and ends at 7:59:59 the following Friday, so be sure to give right at the buzzer to make the final points count! You cannot start giving until tip off at 8:00pm EST Friday the 26th.

Check out the bracket, and here’s a schedule of the rounds:

  • 02/26/16 Tip off at 8 pm EST
  • 03/04/16 Round 1 ends at 7:59:59 pm EST
  • 03/11/16 Round 2 ends at 7:59:59 pm EST
  • 03/18/16 Round 3 ends at 7:59:59 pm EST
  • 03/25/16 Round 4 ends at 7:59:59 pm EST
  • 03/29/16 Round 5 ends at 7:59:59 pm EST
  • 04/01/16 Championship ends at 7:59:59 pm EST


How do you win a round?

In Each round, donors give on the Brackets for Good Website and totals are tallied with each dollar worth one point. Whoever raises the most wins and moves on to the next round, but both the winners and the losers get to keep whatever they raised! Everybody wins!

How Do I Score Points for ServLife?

You can score points for ServLife by donating on Brackets for Good’s Website. $1 = 1 Point! And donations must be in by 7:59:59pm EST on the last day of the round. To donate

1) Find and click ServLife International in the bracket.

2) Scroll down to enter your donation amount and info.

Donate Instructions-01What’s the smartest way to use my donations to score points?

You can use the Buzzer Beater option during the donation process to double your contribution, giving half immediately and half fifteen minutes before the end of the round. This way you help push us over the edge and get Team ServLife to the next round!

Buzzer Beater

Who will get my information?

Only ServLife and Brackets for Good will receive information on who donated to ServLife. The BFG donation site is secured by firewalls that ensure privacy, as is the ServLife site. Brackets For Good will send you a giving receipt, not ServLife.

How do I help spread the word?

We’ll keep you updated on our progress via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, please like, comment and share those posts to all your friends and get them in the spirit for some friendly fundraising competition!

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