Book on Marriage Opens Doors in Nepal

Written by ServLife’s newest staff member, Lazarus Thulung, and underwritten by ServLife, The Greatest Joy in Marriage was released during an opening ceremony in Kathmandu. More than 170 people were in attendance, including local Nepali media and university students and professors. The book is Lazarus’ third. “I wrote this book because I see struggles in Christian marriage and families that remain unaddressed in the church,” Lazarus says. “Along with unprecedented growth in the Nepalese church, we’re facing rising trends of polygamy and infidelity.” Lazarus attributes this to lack of training for new church leaders.

The Greatest Joy in Marriage was printed in March 2006. The 1,200 copies of it sold out a month later. Proceeds from the book were donated to the The Great Commission Church Fellowship where Lazarus is pastor. Funds to start small businesses were given to families in the church demonstrating need.

ServLife International president, Joel Vestal, commented, “The ongoing goal of ServLife is to help strengthen and equip the local indigenous church wherever we’re working. This book will not only equip Nepalese Christians in their marriages from a Nepali context; it will open doors for fruitful witness to non-Christians. These are the kinds of projects we will continue to do.”

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