Bokassa Moses Vuni- ServLife Sudan Initiatives

All of our Sudanese initiatives are locally initiated, locally planned, and locally led. ServLife’s history in Sudan (and in Sudanese communities living as refugees in Uganda) goes back more than 10 years and is currently led by Bokassa Moses Vuni, a former child soldier who was captured and forced into war by the Sudanese government. Now Moses is one of South Sudan’s most tireless and passionate promoters of the Gospel! Steven and Amy Nicholson provide leadership and coordinating support from ServLife’s US staff. ServLife is now uniquely positioned to build upon the relationships established in Uganda and accompany the refugees and church families home to Sudan and assist in the rebuilding of lives, communities, and opportunities for advancing the Gospel. Currently, all three of ServLife International’s major objectives – rescuing and caring for orphaned children, ending hunger through microenterprise development with women, and training and multiplying church leadership – are active in Sudan. Click here to read more about ServLife’s efforts in Sudan.

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