At-Risk Child in Zimbabwe Saved from Abusive Relationship- Sponsors Needed

Both of Pamela’s parents died and she was left in the care of an abusive relative. She has since been saved from that situation and that relative is now in prison. Pamela is now living in safety at Musha Wevana Children’s Home in Zimbabwe.

Pamela’s favorite subject in school is science, and when she is at home she helps out by doing some of the cooking. Pamela dreams of becoming a pilot when she grows up. Every Sunday, she goes to church with the mothers and the rest of the children from the home.

Pamela is still in need of sponsorship. For $30/month, your sponsorship will help supply food, clothes, schooling, and ensure that Pamela is well cared for in a loving environment. This is a direct way you can get involved in helping bring hope. Please pray and consider getting involved today. For questions about sponsorship, read our sponsorship FAQs. 

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