Are You Leaving A Legacy? Consider Including ServLife in your Will or Estate Plan

Most of us spend more time planning a family vacation than we do planning our family’s financial future! You will spend a lifetime acquiring assets, and then in a moment of decision, or indecision, give them away. With careful planning, you can feel good about preparing wisely for the use of your assets for the benefits of those persons and organizations you care about most.

For many of you, several non-profit ministries outside your local church have played an important role in your ability to be involved and give to missions. ServLife International, Inc. may be one of these. In addition to your donations of cash, you can say “thanks” to an organization that has meant a lot to you by leaving a gift in your will or naming the organization in your estate plan. In this way, you are making sure the ministry continues to be there for those who need them even after you are gone.

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Tax law encourages people to give to non-profit organizations by providing a 100% estate tax deduction on charitable gifts. Thus, a gift often reduces estate taxes and allows you to support a charity after your lifetime. Many times gifts are under $1,000.

The following avenues can be used to give a charitable gift to ServLife International, Inc.:

1) Gifts made in your Will or Trust.  Often this is a certain dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, or any assets left over, after your family has been provided for. You must make your wishes known in your Will or Trust, just as you do for gifts to individuals.

2) A life insurance policy that names a charity or organization as the beneficiary.

3) A charity named as the beneficiary of a pension plan or IRA.

4) Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. to a charity during your lifetime.

Charitable gifts can be given in memory of someone, either the donor or a loved one. (ServLife International honors these requests and always sends appropriate recognition.) Gifts can also be designated to help with a specific program. Your Will should effectively distribute your assets and express your plans for those you care about most and the causes you most believe in.

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