Anjali BishokarmaEleven years ago, Anjali was the first child taken in by ServLife’s Nepal Children’s Home. Over the last decade, God’s has taken her from a life of struggle and heartbreak to one of promise.

Born into a low and persecuted caste, Anjali’s childhood was filled with struggle. When she was only an infant, her father abandoned the family for another woman. Another crushing blow came the next year when her mother received the devastating news that she had breast cancer. The diagnosis left her unable to care for Anjali and her sister, leaving only their elderly grandfather to provide for them. He soon realized the task was more than he could handle and began searching for a place to send them. He found ServLife.

At five years old, Anjali came to the Nepal Children’s Home shy and scared. Despite her fears, she quickly excelled at school. Over time, she grew more comfortable in the new environment, growing closer to her new family. Always humble and helpful, she was a blessing to the staff at an early age.

Today, at 16, Anjali is a loving and welcoming presence at the home, often caring for the younger children. Perhaps even more moving than her caring spirit is her passionate faith. She came to Christ while at the home and was baptized in 2011. Through words and actions, she shares the hope of Christ with those around her at every opportunity.

In the near future, Anjali hopes to engage in bi-vocational ministry as a preacher and beautician. She hasn’t forgotten the hurt and struggles experienced along the way, but she is using them for God’s Kingdom. They have given her a heart for the poor, oppressed and lost. Anjali’s faith and compassion show what it truly means to follow Christ in a hurt and broken world.

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  1. Anjali you are beautiful and have meant so much to our family! Sponsorship has blessed us and we are privileged to pray for you!!!

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