All Things Bright and Beautiful: Serving Life through Small Stores

Jennifer McKim isn’t a name you probably know. Though striking, with a tumbling mane of hair and a hundred-watt grin, this Indiana stay-at-home mother of three doesn’t grace the tabloids or make Live at Five breaking news. She’s not up for the Pulitzer and she’s not jockeying to be the next American idol.Instead she’s quietly opened up a small store at her local church, a tiny market that sells goods created by women in some of the world’s least developed and struggling countries.

“I’ve been praying, asking God to use me to make a difference in the world,” Jennifer said. “And when the ServLife store opportunity came up, I knew it was a simple, but great way for this to happen.”

McKim’s good work reflects ServLife’s latest effort to enlist churches around the nation to create small stores that will sell items fashioned by women who are working to escape the brutal trap of extreme poverty and human trafficking. The purchases of products go towards empowering the indigenous communities where ServLife works.

“Our goal this year is to enlist twenty churches to set up stores like this one,” said founder/president Joel Vestal, who explained that there are around twelve different items that can be purchased. “These intra-church markets are practical ways that friends in the west can help end human suffering.”

Jennifer McKim couldn’t agree more.

“I’m convinced that the church has a responsibility to bring justice to our world, and the ServLife Store is one practical solution to help do that.” She pauses, thinking for a moment. “And these beautiful items have been created by women who have suffered so much. It’s as if amidst all the ugliness in the world, their work is a reminder of God’s beauty and faithfulness.”

If you would be interested in establishing a ServLife store in your local congregation, please contact ServLife today.

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