All Out For The Lord

AlbertPreachingAlbert Das’ life and ministry have taken him many places, but his journey always drew him back to one area: Bihar, India. Born in Bihar as a high caste Hindu, Albert’s life began on a harsh note. Both of his parents died suddenly, leaving young Albert orphaned. At first sent away to a children’s home in Bihar, a couple from Kolkata soon adopted him. Even while being raised in Kolkata, he had a sense he would one day return to Bihar.

When Albert’s travels first took him to Raxaul, a town in Bihar, in the early 1990s, he asked a local, “Are there Christians here?” The local resident laughed, “Christians?” Undeterred, Albert asked a follow-up question: “Do you know Jesus?” The man responded, “Who is Jesus? A Bollywood star?” With that brief conversation, Albert Das knew he had found his eventual ministry home.

As he grew and began pursuing a life in ministry, he traveled around Asia to receive theological and practical training. During this time, he met ServLife’s founding director, who was on a college mission trip. As the two talked, Albert shared his vision for training church leaders and caring for children in Bihar. Seeing a clear opportunity for partnership, ServLife was born.

For the next ten years, the partnership was nurtured and groundwork was laid. Finally, in 1997, Albert knew it was time to return to Bihar to plant churches and care for children. Despite having the highest crime, murder and poverty rates in India, Albert had high hopes for the region. “Northern India breaks my heart,” Albert reflects. “It’s known as the graveyard of missions, as if no good, no life, can happen there. But I’ve never believed that. Instead, I’m convinced God will turn this land into His vineyard!”

DasFamilyAlbert’s faithful pursuit of God’s vision for his life has changed countless lives. In his 25 years with ServLife, Albert and his staff have trained 184 pastors who have started churches throughout northern India. The children’s home that Albert started currently provides safe, loving care for 30 children. An additional 50 children in local villages receive an education through ServLife’s sponsorship program.

As he looks ahead, Albert sees even greater things in store for Bihar. He has plans to build a church, training center and school that would give 1,000 children an invaluable education. Perhaps most importantly, he sees a new generation of leaders rising up to offer hope and healing in Bihar. He has a dream that, in his words, “the young generation which are coming will be encouraged and they will also move forward, without seeing any challenges… and they will just go all out for the Lord.”