Ajay’s Path

In rural India, there are very few opportunities for a quality education that provide access to careers in the future. For Ajay’s parents, the lack of education is their reality, but they desire better for Ajay and his two sisters. Ajay’s father is a carpenter, but otherwise only educated through the 5th grade, and his mother is a housewife who also helps out on their farm but never received a formal education and is illiterate.

Ajay was headed in the same direction for his future before he received a scholarship from ServLife International for his education. His parents were concerned about the path he was heading down. They shared, “he had made some friends with boys that weren’t near his age; his circle scared us.” He would roam around with his friends, was careless with his things, and didn’t practice good hygiene or show respect to those around him.

When his parents enrolled him in the school at Marocha, he was resistant to the change. In fact, he didn’t want to go. Part of his resistance was because the school at Marocha provides more than just an academic education. There is a focus on the whole child. They’re taught to respect themselves and each other, about personal hygiene, spiritual aspects, and social norms. They have recess daily, but their days are very structured, and they’re required to follow directions given to them. The teachers also facilitate accountability by visiting the student’s homes twice a month and visiting with their parents and giving a report on their progress.

For Ajay, this accountability was difficult at first. It removed the option of roaming free and doing what he pleased when he desired. Over time, Ajay has become less resistant and began to make changes, and even enjoys attending school now. He’s learned to take care of himself, practice good hygiene, do his homework and even help his younger sisters. Ajay receives a scholarship from ServLife but is not currently sponsored. If you’re interested in sponsoring Ajay and others like him, follow this link to become a child sponsor and make a lifelong impact.