Against All Odds

PKamal Bisankey copyastor Kamal knows something about working against the odds. According to Operation World, only 2.85% of the country’s population is Christian. Christian believers are far outnumbered by the devout of other religions that have been entrenched in Nepal for hundreds of years.

Nevertheless, Kamal was moved by the gospel and chose to pursue becoming a pastor through ServLife’s pastor training school. After completing his training in 2011, Kamal sought to plant a church in a village of central Nepal where the vast majority of residents are devout Hindus.It was tough going at first, and Kamal met with a lot of resistance to his efforts to build a community of Christians.

Finally, he met a family who were open to hearing him share the gospel. They explained that the cost of performing the prescribed rituals according to Hindu teachings was a burden on their already inadequate finances.They said they struggled to find joy in their lives and wanted something mo

With Pastor Kamal’s encouragement and sharing of the good news, the family became the first in the village to accept Christ and the pioneers of Christian community in the area.
Since then Kamal and his congregation have faced persecution from the religious majorities in his village, but he says that the Lord has used even the oppression to grow their community. Kamal now leads more than 45 people across two villages who meeting for prayer and worship every week. In spite of all the odds, Christ is giving them the victory.

Please pray for Kamal and his growing group of believers as they share the gospel and care for the poor in their area. If you’d like to support pastor Kamal or pastors like him more directly, visit

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