A Good Education

Sanu, like many children in Nepal, was not afforded the opportunities every child deserves. Her parents moved to Kathmandu from their home in rural western Nepal in hopes of finding stable work. Her father found a job stitching clothing in a local shop. While it provided some income, his tireless work was not enough to fully support his wife and two daughters, and certainly did not allow them to pay the fees required to send the girls to school.

One day, Udaya Bhatta, Director of ServLife’s children’s ministry in Nepal, visited the family, and was struck by how meager their living conditions were. He knew he had to help ease their burden. “When I saw their house and their standard of living,” he recalls, “they were very poor and they had no food and other things were there, so I thought we can help with educational support for their children.” Udaya offered Sanu and her sister a scholarship so they could attend school, and her family gladly accepted.

Today, Sanu is in eighth grade and thriving. She loves the challenge of math, and when she is not studying or helping her parents, she is playing badminton and soccer. One day, she plans on using her education and life experience as a social worker, offering to others the same support that gave her the education she deserves.

The scholarships have also brought some financial relief to her family. Her father was recently able to save up and open his own sewing shop, increasing their income to a more sustainable level. Life is still far from easy, but the family sees hope, hope to break the ties of generational poverty. When asked about his dreams for his daughters, Sanu’s father reflected, “For them to have good jobs. That is what we hope.” Their hard work and the help of a ServLife scholarship put that hope well within reach.

For now though, Sanu is going to enjoy studying, playing and being a teenager, just like every child deserves.