2021 Graduation

At the end of last year, 12 pastors graduated from the Nepal pastor training school. “Since 14 years we have been training leaders and pastors,” Director Bekhraj shares. “Every year we train at least 12 church planters. And we commission them and send them for church planting.”

The opportunity and need is great in remote villages where people have never heard the name of Jesus. Bekharaj insists, “We need to be light to the people who are living hopeless. So we need to shine like Jesus.”

The 3-month training covers the Bible extensively, including theology, Christology, Soteriology, evangelism, discipleship, preaching, church history, family and youth ministry, parenting, counseling, and more. “When they finish their training, they go back to their own place; they will be fully prepared to handle any circumstances,” Bekharaj points out.

The graduation ceremony in November included live music and speakers from Nepal, Asia, and the USA. The 12 pastors were commissioned and sent home to plant and pastor churches. “I’m very hopeful that when they go back, they will also lead many people to Christ. I’m hoping [for] great things from God. That God will do many miracles through these great leaders.”