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Adam_HS_largeAs we celebrate Christmas this month, I am reminded of Jesus’ humble beginnings. Born in a barn to an unwed mother and laid down in an animal food trough, he was hardly ushered into the world like a king. As an adult he was homeless, had to borrow donkeys for getting around, and I imagine wore out countless pairs of sandals traveling from city to city. Jesus had a deep compassion for the poor and marginalized, and before leaving this world told his followers that “whatever you [do] for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you [do] for me.”

I could not even begin to comprehend extreme poverty until my first trip to India a decade ago. Having visited remote villages many times now, I still struggle to understand how someone can make a living on only a dollar or two a day. But there is hope and joy, and God’s light is breaking through the darkness. Your gifts and investments have gone so very far in India and Nepal. It is having an exponential impact and hundreds of children, villages and families are being supported, educated, empowered and loved.

Thank you for joining Jesus in his compassion for the poor and marginalized. Your support has grown the church, rescued children and empowered families facing extreme poverty. Your love and generosity is changing lives, and we are extremely grateful. Thank you.

May we become more and more like Jesus in humility, compassion, generosity, grace and love. May God continue to bless us and bless through us.

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Late this October a team from Indiana went on a journey of learning and discovery. The trip’s purpose was to allow the team to open their minds and hearts to what God is doing in Nepal and India, and to afford the opportunity to build lasting relationships of support and encouragement with ServLife partners there.

When the team hit the ground in Kathmandu, Nepal they quickly discovered that each had specific gifts and talents that would enable the group to achieve their goals. While some of the group members were gifted pastors who spent time encouraging the staff, others showed love and affection to the children in ServLife programs. Some of the team taught in the pastor training school, and others led a VBS program for the children. Everyone engaged and used their individual gifts for the collective purpose. For instance, Executive Director Adam Nevins led the trip, kept everyone on track, and along with Pastor Todd Fisher helped the team process along the way. In addition, Lola Fisher and Olivia Sellke made the children at ServLife homes and schools feel loved and at ease while Noah Pappas and Jim Seeds and made sure that everyone was always smiling and having fun with their unique sense of humor.

IMG_8496After leading the VBS program for 150 children in Kathmandu, the group split, with half traveling to Raxaul, India and half to Nepalgunj in west Nepal. In Raxaul, the group led another VBS program for the orphanage and education sponsorship children there. It was the first trip where the team was equipped with comprehensive VBS materials, donated by Group Publishing. The children loved the memory verses, games, and object-lesson toys that came along with the curriculum.

Meanwhile, in west Nepal, the other half of the team visited Christian communities in remote villages to support them and their ServLife-trained pastors as they plant churches in areas unreached by the gospel. Pastor Todd Fisher encouraged the pastors and communities and was often called upon to present twice a day, preaching and teaching nearly 20 times throughout the 11-day trip.

The team re-convened to celebrate the graduation of 14 pastors from the training school in Kathmandu. It was the perfect culmination to a trip with the purpose of encouragement and building relationships. The team went home tired but exhilarated, knowing that they had made an impact on the lives of the people they met, and began lifelong friendships with them. “I’ve been touched for life by the people I met. I want to be there for them not just with my wallet, but really be there for them. To visit them as often as I can, to share the opportunity with anyone who will listen and to carry them in my heart and prayers every day,” Jim Seeds shared.

Want to see more pictures of the vision trip? Visit our Facebook page!
Want to learn more about how you can participate in an upcoming trip to India and Nepal? Check out our trips page!


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Olivia and Kushboo In IndiaIn October, Olivia Sellke participated in a Vision Trip to India and Nepal with a team from Indiana. She took the time to reflect on her experience:

When the topic of orphans comes up, a lot of Christians point to the verse in James that gives instruction. Some translations say “look after orphans” (NIV) some say “care for orphans” (NLT). These guidelines are simple but they are clear. There are organizations all around the world that care and provide for the basic needs of orphans – food, clothing, shelter, education and this is no small feat.

But there is something different about the ServLife kids (and I can say that having visited other children’s homes).

They are cared for beyond their basic needs.

IMG_1561Beyond the necessities these kids are loved deeply and they are known. And isn’t that what we all long for?

There is an unmistakable joy that springs up and overflows from being known and loved not only by the people that surround you but also by an almighty Father. That joy was contagious among the kids –it’s an emotion that still fills my heart as I sit on the other side of world a month later thinking about my time with them. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people ask where I saw God working.

God is working in the hearts of these kids. Each child has a unique story that they tell of who they are and how they have come to know Christ and almost every story starts with the people who care for them – people who are walking alongside them and showing them what it looks like to have a relationship with God. It’s impactful and it’s changing their lives – just look at the last blog post detailing some of the things the kids are thankful for.

Not only is God working in the hearts of the kids, he is working in the hearts of the adults that are training up the children in the way they should go (Prv. 22:6). In the short time our team was in Nepal and India I saw grace, patience, and love multiplied in unbelievable measure. It truly is a calling and a spiritual gift to care for these kids who carry with them a patchwork quilt of experiences – some orphans, some half-orphans, some just needing a helping hand and a safe place to land.

The work that ServLife is doing is beyond the basic and it’s important. It’s amazing to see how hope, and joy, and peace spring up out of some of the most traumatic circumstances and relationships with Christ are formed.To me, this is a sure sign that these kids are truly cared for.

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At ServLife we’re so thankful for you and your support to plant churches, care for children, and fight poverty in India and Nepal. And what are children in India and Nepal thankful for? We asked ServLife children during our trip this October and they said:

Sujata Quote

I am thankful to know Jesus Christ as my savior, and to get to know people like you (my sponsor). I feel blessed.- Sabita, Nepal, 11

I am thankful for your support, love and prayer. I am thankful for God that he has given me life.I am thankful for my family.- Subin Kapali, Nepal, 5

Vibek Quote

I am thankful that I am studying and making my future happy.- Yabesh, Nepal, 10

I am thankful to know Christ in my life, get a chance to study and have a wonderful family & people like you (my sponsor).- Rakshya, Nepal,16

I am thankful in my life for what God has given me and I am really thankful for your support, care and love towards me. I am thankful that God has given me parents and a good situation in my life.- Anjali, Nepal,18

I am thankful that I am a child of God who really loves and cares for us.- Sanu, Nepal,10

Bishal Quote

I am thankful for God blessing and supporting me, for my sponsor, and for my family.- Priscilla, Nepal, 13

I am thankful for knowing God and His love and grace upon me. I am thankful for getting everything that I need. I am thankful for [my sponsor] praying for me.- Mahan, Nepal, 12

I am thankful that God is with me.- Nabina, Nepal, 10

I am thankful for the opportunity that I have got the chance to study and fulfill my future dreams. And I am thankful for how I got the chance to life in ServLife Children’s Home and know everybody here.- Merina, Nepal, 17

Uoopadesh quote

I am thankful for my mother and father who gave me birth, and my teachers who give me knowledge… and you (my sponsor) who helped me very, very, very much in my study.- Dilendra, Nepal, 13

I am thankful for you, for sponsoring me.- Saroj, Nepal, 10

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THERMOMETER 103 percent-01100% MATCHED. 100% OVERSEAS. OVER $203K GIVEN.


You guys rock! In October you and other supporters gave $103,354. $100,000 of that was matched, totaling $203,354 going overseas to support pastors, children and families in India and Nepal!

Thank you so much for your support. Your investment will help start more churches, care for more children, and provide more small loans for families overcoming extreme poverty. Your partnership and generosity is an answer to our prayers and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.Thank you!


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Adam_HS_largeMy friend and India Director, Albert Das, recently encouraged me with Philippians 4:19. “God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” If I’m honest, I struggle with this. I want to rely on Adam Nevins to meet all my needs. I want to be in control. But I’m not. I am desperately and completely dependent upon God for both what I need and what ServLife needs. And God does not let me forget. Through a small ServLife financial emergency and yet another personal lesson in humility last month, God is teaching me again to depend on him. And he is using you and others in his church to show that faithfulness and provision.

There are needs in India and Nepal that God wants to meet. There are villages with no church or pastor. There are children with no education or parents. There are families with almost no money or food. God is meeting these needs, and allowing us to be a part of that process.

Thank you for participating in God’s holistic love being made known. Thank you for helping to start churches, provide education for children, and empower families in extreme poverty with small business loans. Writing this from India at the end of a long and rewarding trip, I have seen firsthand what an incredible impact your donations make. Thank you.

May we continue to rely on God for all our needs, and joyfully participate in his provision for others. May God transform us and the world around us as his kingdom and love is made known.

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Nir Bahadur SijaliNir Bahadur clearly exemplifies a ServLife success story. Nir began his life in a remote village in western Nepal. The village had no modern medical care, proper means of transportation, or ability to communicate with the world at large. Nir’s mother, who has a disabled hand and was mired in severe poverty, was his only caregiver. She knew she was always going to struggle to be able to provide sufficient nutrition, education, and care for him.

All this changed for Nir when he was just four years old. His mother found him a place at ServLife’s Children’s Home. Nir moved to Kathmandu where he could be provided with nutrition, medical treatment, and the loving care of a second family. Nir says, “I found my new parents, brother and sisters… I got opportunity to know God and my life became brighter.” He began to study at a local private school, to learn English, and encounter teachers and other leaders who would support his further development.

Nir is now in grade 10, and experiencing a lot of success with the support he is receiving. He hopes to become a computer engineer. He wants to make a significant contribution toward developing his country and helping others. “I am always praying with God to fulfill this dream,” Nir Says.

“[These gifts are] all the mercy of ServLife Children’s Home and God who gave me a new life with new family, new parents, new society and many brothers and sisters who were like me and living together with me,” Nir says. We are so proud that Nir is becoming such a responsible and Godly young man, and thank God that he found his way to the Children’s Home where these opportunities were available to him. Please pray for Nir’s future and studies, for his mother’s financial and physical wellbeing, and for the other children in ServLife’s care- that they may embrace a future as bright as Nir’s.


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602498_10151288596404017_49243767_nOn November 1st, ServLife will be literally putting feet on our desire to build global community. ServLife is participating in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon’s Run for a Cause program, which allows runners to support a charity through their race. We have a team of runners and volunteers ready to support and run for justice! Jay and Brenda Howard, who are running the Marathon and 5K respectively, are excited using this opportunity to participate in two activities they love at the same time: running and global missions.

Jay and Brenda both enjoy running for the sense of accomplishment it gives, and the time in nature it affords. “I have a pretty stressful job,” Jay, the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University, shares, “I find that after running I am too tired to be stressed anymore… I often run along the canal trail in Indy which means I see lots of wild animals – geese, ducks, heron, turtles, muskrats, etc.  Although, for a distance runner, the occasional turkey buzzard circling overhead can either be discouraging (‘Do I really look like I am going to drop in my tracks?’) or quite motivating (‘No one wants to be buzzard bait!’)”

Jay and Brenda decided to join with ServLife during their Monumental Marathon run Glasses 1because they saw that ServLife aligned with their values and desire to make a difference in the world. “Personally, I often feel weighed down by all the bad news in the world. Being a part of Team ServLife lets me contribute to making some good news,” Brenda says, “…People can’t partner with great organizations like ServLife unless they know about them. By running the Indianapolis Monumental 5K for ServLife, I can provide others awareness of the opportunity to be part of a force for good in the world.”

“I think ServLife takes Micah 6:8 seriously,” Jay shares, “I believe we are called to act justly, to show mercy and walk humbly with our God… Events like marathons are simply another opportunity to partner with organizations that help do important work and which provide a Christian witness of compassion and humility. As an American, I need to be reminded that loving my neighbor means loving the world.  We are blessed with much in the way of resources and opportunities. Therefore we have a responsibility to share those resources to further God’s kingdom. ServLife gives me an opportunity to put that into practice.”

We are so glad that Jay and Brenda have chosen to give feet to their faith on Team ServLife, and hope that anyone who is able will come out to support the team on November 1st, or consider supporting their run financially.

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Yam Bahadur Rai (1)“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Pastor Yam felt the call of Acts 1:8 strongly in his heart when he first became a Christian. However, he felt before he could reach the ends of the earth with the good news of Christ, he needed to start in “Jerusalem;” he needed to share the Gospel with his own immediate family members. So Yam began his journey there.

Yam’s father and uncle had long been devout animists – believing in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects and phenomena. They regularly worshiped idols and prayed to their ancestors. When Yam shared his belief in Christ, they refused to listen to him out of fear of their society’s rejection of Christians. Yam tried again and again to reach his family members with the Gospel but met closed doors at every turn.

Recently, after several years of pushing ahead in this way, Yam’s father suddenly became ill with inexplicable seizures. He would experience sudden bouts of unconsciousness that were very dangerous due to their unpredictable nature. No treatment could be found at hospitals. Yam’s father finally was without excuses to refuse the possibility that Yam’s beliefs could help him. He asked Yam to pray for his healing. Yam prayed fervently over his father, and he received the healing they asked for. Yam’s father and uncle were amazed, and both immediately prayed for Christ’s forgiveness and acceptance. They have since become active members of the body of Christ in Yam’s area.

Yam sees this as a direct answer to his prayers, and a fulfillment of the first part of God’s calling on his life. He says, “This is the greatest joy in my life, to see my dad coming to faith in Jesus Christ… The Lord really answered my prayers.” Yam’s journey will continue as he and his family reach out to more and more people in their area, winning new members for the family of God, but this victory has brought new life to his mission. Please pray for Yam and our other pastors as they face great opposition with resilience and passion to spread the Gospel.

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Adam_HS_largePsalm 67:4 says, “Let foreigners rejoice and celebrate! For you execute justice among the nations, and govern the people living on earth.” God is executing justice among all the nations. In every nook and cranny of the world, God’s light and truth and justice is breaking through the darkness, lies and abuse.

God has chosen the church to be his agent of change in the world. As Jesus put it in Matthew 5, “you are the light of the world.” When we join God in executing justice and the work of reconciliation and restoration, we are shining that light brightly.

You are likely familiar with ServLife’s mission statement, but might not be aware of our vision statement: “ServLife International envisions the Gospel bringing spiritual and physical restoration and healing in the most marginalized regions in the world.” Engaging in God’s holistic restoration of the world and all people is exciting and contagious, and you are helping lead the way and shine His light.

Your investment in India and Nepal is continuing to bring restoration and healing by showing God’s light and love. You are bringing homeless orphans into homes and families. You are illuminating the hope of the Gospel and healing broken hearts. You are keeping families together and healthy with small business loans. You are helping to reconcile man to man, and people to God. I am grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity and support. Thank you.

“Let your light shine before people, so that they can see your good deeds and give honor to your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

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